JSC "Radio Equipment Plant"

    The history of Radio Equipment Plant dates back to the 2nd half of the XIXth century. First a pottery factory was located at this place, then a furniture factory, during The World War II – an ammunition plant and during the ‘40s – a bicycle plant.

    In 1959 the plant started to produce communications equipment for the Army. The plant was famous for its long-distance communication equipment for all army services, for export, equipment for geologists and builders as well as consumer goods. 

    In 1994 the plant was reorganized into Open Joint-Stock Company "Radio Equipment Plant".

    Since 1998 the plant has conversed and diversified its operation and started to produce marketable civil goods. Profound business restructuring started at the same time and has been in progress up to now.

    At present Radio Equipment Plant is a fast-developing enterprise. Its production includes:

  • Complex communication appliances (including special short-wave and USB radio receiving equipment and excitation devices);
  • Development and production of new radioelectronic equipment for special needs;
  • Serial production of equipment for oil and gas complex and energy industry (equipment for high-voltage line fault localization and equipment for telemetric information transmitting through phase conductors which is unique in Russia);
  • Production of cable assembles for cars (the plant is big supplier of cable production for OAO AvtoVAZ);
  • Production of cable products and electric conductors;
  • High-technology metal-working production;
  • Development and production of non-standard equipment;
  • Production of components from plastic materials;
  • Internet and telephone communication providing;
  • IT-outsourcing and IT-consulting;
  • Certification and safety testing of radioelectronic and electrotechnical products.

    The equipment fleet is constantly renewed, greater variety of products is created. Great attention is paid to training of new specialists and skill enhancement of staff.

    Going forward, constant self-improvement and development are absolute priorities of JSC "Radio Equipment Plant".